Friday, 3 April 2015




In my final drawings I have used collage to emphasise the idea that the exterior of the house is dirty and dark, and in contrast the interior is bright and sterile. The minimalistic space is a sanctuary for my client. The section perspectives have been used to show the room in its simplest state, when everything is stored away and the room when the draws are open and in use.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Using Twinmotion allowed me to illustrate how light would enter the room at different times of day. I also added in lighting which would be used in the absence of daylight. This creates another dimension to the grid layout of the room. Light will glow through gaps to illuminate the grid pattern on the floor and walls in the room. 
 After the group feedback I came to realise that part of the brief was not being addressed. My client has a desire for 'clean space'. She would like everything to have a place, and that place to be out of sight. After looking at some precedent examples I found drawers which retreat into the walls to be the best solution. This was the room can remain a grid, with drawers in each wall. To maximise storage space I have begun to research how I could use drawers in the floor. In the sketches above are drawers which lock into place when fully extended. These could be pulled up vertically, lock into place while the client places objects inside. They are then pulled to release the lock and drop back down into the floor.
As the walls are 4 meters high, the tops drawers cannot be reached without aid. I didn't want to add stairs or anything else that would have to remain exposed. Instead the bottom row of drawers in the wall will be solid, serving as a pull out stair making it easy for my client to reach the drawers above 

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Tonerico Architects

Prada store
After the group feedback, I began to realise that I should research boutique storage systems to facilitate aspects of my brief.
Stores often have very creative storage systems, shown about is a Prada store with shelves moulded in specific shapes, for specific items.
Another precedent which seemed to answer my brief very well, is the idea of concealing, rather than revealing items, as shown in the images above of the Paper store, by Tonerico Architects. They have used drawers which recede into the walls to hold the paper, this creates a very interesting minimalistic grid aesthetic.

Timber frame model: Bathroom 20 Wallace Street